Welcome to my little corner of the blog-o-sphere!  I am Megan, a...

mommy (1 daughter & 3 doggies)
goony sister
nerdy engineer
chocolate eater
aspiring fitness guru
wannabe interior decorator
amateur photographer
travel enthusiast
among other things...

  And for the inquiring minds, a few FAQs:

How did you get started quilting?
I started sewing in high school, making my own dresses to wear to school dances (because heaven forbid if you show up wearing the same dress as someone else!!)  My mom taught me the basics of sewing, and I loved the design element of choosing your own fabrics and tailoring a pattern.  I made my first quilt during the summer of 2001.  I pieced the quilt top while on break at home (poor college student = no money for my own sewing machine!) then proceeded to hand quilt it throughout the summer between summer school classes and hanging out at the pool.  Yes, you heard me - I quilted my first quilt by hand!  That first quilt is still a favorite in our house even though the colors don't go with any of our decor - the hubby and I always fight over it while we're snuggling on the couch.  I guess I should have made it bigger...

What kind of sewing machine do you use?
I have a Janome Memory Craft 6600, and I love it!  It was a Christmas present from my in-laws several years ago.  It's amazing how much easier quilting is on a modern machine (and I especially love my 1/4" seam foot!)

How is your work station set up?
We have an extra bedroom that I have converted into a sewing room.  The room and adjoining closet are 100% dedicated to sewing, cutting, ironing, designing, packaging, and fabric storage.  Occasionally when I don't have enough time to sew, I will just walk into the sewing room to touch the fabric, look at my stash, and think about the next project (come on, I know I'm not the only fabric addict to do this!!)

What's your favorite part of making a quilt?
I have two favorite parts: 1) piecing the quilt top together (since I enjoy seeing the transformation occur), and 2) hand sewing the binding (yes, I know this is very time consuming, but the work is relaxing and I get such a huge sense of accomplishment once the quilt is complete!)  My least favorite part is currently the actual quilting (partly because I get slightly paralyzed when deciding exactly HOW to quilt it, and partly because I'm afraid of messing up the beautiful quilt top).

How did Mia Dolce Originals come about?
I am one of those people who always has a project (or several) going.  I enjoy a challenge and turning a hobby into a business is certainly just that!  Mia Dolce is my creative outlet, and I get great satisfaction creating special heirlooms for my clients and seeing little ones snuggled up with one of my quilts!

What do you do when you're not sewing?
For starters, I work full-time as a chemical engineer.  I like to stay active (lifting weights, jogging, spinning, golf, etc...).  My hubby and I love having people over and just chillaxin' in the backyard.  I also enjoy reading, baking, tackling home improvement projects, playing with our 3 doggies, playing the piano, poker, traveling, learning to use my DSLR camera, and watching mindless TV shows like "The Bachelor".

Do you have any pet peeves?
I hate when people say "Oh, it's too pretty to use!"  Believe me, the best compliment you could give me is to tell me your quilt is falling apart because it was used (and loved) so much.  Then I'll make you a new one :) 

 Thanks for stopping by!

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