Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My very first quilt (circa 2001)

I was organizing pictures on the computer the other day and came across photos of my early quilts. (gotta love the old quilt pictures with feet sticking out!) Wow I've learned a lot. So indulge me with a trip down memory lane...

It was May 2001 - I had some down time at my parents' house between the spring semester (where I had been working as a co-op engineer) and the summer session (where I would be taking summer school at UT Austin). So we all know that I can't sit still for long. Of all the things a 21-year-old could choose to pass the time, I really don't know why I chose quilting. My mom had made a quilt before and had another one that was "in progress" for years (8? 9? I lost count!!) Perhaps I was randomly at the fabric store and made a spur of the moment decision to buy fabric for a quilt? Can't remember what the catalyst was.

So I chose some yellow & blue fabrics (to match my college dorm bedding), drew out my design on graph paper (plenty of that on hand from my engineering classes), and pieced the entire quilt top together one square at a time. I didn't know that my pattern was called "Around the World", I had no idea what chain piecing was, and I'm pretty sure I ironed all the seams open.

At this point, it was time to move back to Austin for summer school. My mom helped me baste the quilt together, showed me how to hide my knots, and sent me on my way with needle, thread, hoop & thimble.

Luckily my classes weren't too difficult (hallelujah for taking Thermodynamics during the summer!) and I had plenty of time to hand quilt that sucker between school, hanging out at the pool, and visiting the BF (future hubby). Each square was quilted with either a square or a flower shape.

I was (am) so proud of my first quilt. We've used it a ton and those cheap cotton fabrics have faded and turned velvety soft with all the use & washings. It's still the blanket of choice when lounging around. And that folks, is how I got hooked on quilting.

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  1. I like the flower quilts they are cute. Wonderful colors in the quilt. Looks warm and wonderful.


  2. Your quilt is beautiful and I love the story!

  3. very cute! i will have to send you a pic of the baby quilt i finished for my friend.