Monday, August 22, 2011

Sewing Room Tour

I love seeing other people's sewing spaces, so thought it was time to share mine. And what better time to do so than after it's been organized and cleaned, right?

In our previous townhome, my sewing room doubled as the guest room and it was the first room people saw when they walked in. So I had to keep it fairly clean and continuously pack and unpack my projects.

But in our current home, I'm fortunate to have a secondary bedroom that is completely dedicated as my sewing studio. It's bright and cheerful and a great place to escape, turn up the music, and just create :)

I can't pick just one favorite item, but some things that have made my life easier are:

  • the Craigslist cabinet, which just so happened to be a perfect fit for a 24" x 36" cutting mat.
  • the sewing table (a Christmas present from the hubs), which is way more ergonomic than the drop-leaf table I was using before.
  • the IKEA Billy bookcases so I can see all my fabric.
  • my DIY design wall.
What's your favorite thing about your sewing space?

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  1. Now I'm green with envy. I sew in the dining room and now my fabric etc is taking over. I store more stuff in the spare room, and nobody can sleep there at the moment because it is covered with more sewing stuff. I would love to have a room that I could claim as a sewing room. I also don't have a big enough wall space anywhere in the house that I can have a decent size design wall.
    Your room looks fabulous and so bright and cheery.

    1. I AM IN THE SAME BOAT! i want a nice clean everything hase a place sewing room, but i have no idea how to get to that piont even thow I clean and put things away I still in up living in a mess.

  2. Your sewing room is gorgeous! Love all that lighting and wishing I were half as organized!

  3. Love your sewing room. What is the curtain rod for infront of your Design wall???