Monday, May 3, 2010

Organizing 101

I love to organize. Random shoes left scattered on the floor or last week's shopping receipts crumpled up and laying on any ol' piece of furniture drive me crazy (I love you honey, but I've come to learn that we just don't have the same organizing standards). More than anything, I love the calm, peaceful feeling of being surrounded by non-chaos.

The sewing room is my domain, where I can organize to my heart's content. A couple months ago, my fabric was literally taking over the house, room by room. I had to tame the beast, so I took a short jaunt to our neighborhood IKEA, and bought some fantastic Billy Bookcases.

Here's the end result: plenty of space for the bolts, and shorter shelves for my non-bolt fabric collections.

There's even a hanging shelf with bins to store all my scraps.

Ah, thank you IKEA for restoring order to my sewing room. The fabric is no longer creeping down the hallway and invading the rest of our house. Now, about those shoes and receipts... :) Pin It