Tuesday, December 4, 2012


In cleaning up my sewing room, I found these 7 quilt tops waiting to be finished.  I really don't like half-finished projects laying around taking up space, so I got busy over the weekend and finished 2 of the baby-sized quilts.  As for the bigger ones, you might recognize my Kaleidoscope, Scrappy Strings, Soul Blossom, and my oldest WIP an Hourglass throw quilt which I haven't touched in almost 2 years (ahem, and I used to kid my mother about taking 12 years to finish up a queen-size hand-quilted quilt...)

But.... getting up the motivation to baste a larger quilt (let alone actually quilt it!) takes way more energy than starting a smaller project, so what did I do?  You got it, I started another baby quilt with some leftover Bliss scraps from my Wonky 9 Patch.
I've been wanting to do another double hourglass since I made this Christmas stocking last year.  But this time instead of 3" blocks, these babies are 12" - this top should come together in no time (hopefully!)

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  1. your blocks look fabulous!

    could you email me back and tell me how you got the facebook, twitter, etc...on your blog. i'm lost on how to do that. thank you

  2. The double hourglass blocks look amazing. I love those sweet fabrics.

  3. Great job on the double hourglass block. The fabrics really make me smile! Wonderful color choices!

  4. Great blocks and a pretty looking stack of tops too. You'll be busy!

  5. I love the spools of thread! --that's what they look like to me...

  6. I love the double hourglass blocks -- I've wanted to make a quilt with this block for quite some time now, and yours is definitely inspiring!

  7. I have to say, when I discovered spray basting, it COMPLETELY changed my view on basting bigger quilts. I used to dread it, too, especially since I live in a tiny apartment. But now I spray then pin in a few places to just make sure there's no shifting. And thanks for having visited my blog! M