Monday, December 3, 2012

Repurposed China Cabinet: Fabric Storage

So I mentioned in my last couple posts that I've been redecorating in the sewing room.  Since we replaced the carpet, I took the opportunity to do some rearranging, downsizing, and making pretty.  I'll share the full remodel soon, but this new cabinet is one of my favorite pieces!  For those of you new to my blog, here's the old sewing room layout.

Here's the $50 Craigslist china cabinet the day I brought her home:
Not horrible, but needed a little freshening up in my opinion.  And after a good cleaning, a few coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint (old white), some sanding, and clear wax (not to mention all the muscles involved toting this around for me inside, outside, and upstairs), here she is:

You can also see a glimpse of the new wall color: it's Travertine by Sherwin Williams.  A very sunny, happy color.  And a few close-ups of the details... the drawers are perfect for storing all those little loose items like ribbon and zippers and scissors/tape and books - nicely tucked out of the way.

I bought the antique Singer machine from a thrift store for $5 a long time ago, but never had just the right place to showcase it.  Now it has a proper home in the new cabinet.

I've painted a few pieces of furniture before, but not one this big or with windows or that needed paint on the inside.  I won't lie - it was time intensive, but I absolutely love the end result!

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  1. That looks great. I wanted to do something like that, but my husband just couldn't see the possibilities. I think I need to show him yours :)

  2. Absolutely fantastic! I want to do one now! Thanks for sharing.

  3. wow. i can't wait to try out some of that chalk paint when we are back in the states.

  4. Such a great idea! The fabric looks happy in there!

  5. That is beautiful! I'm sore just thinking about all the work you did on that!

  6. I LOVE it!!! Not only does it look fantastic but you have re-purposed it in such a great way! Hopped over from MMS and now following! Would love to have you stop by for a visit! Blessings ~ Judy

  7. LOVE that cabinet! On my "new years resolution" list is to re-organize my fabric stash. This is very inspiring!

    I'm a new follower, by the way...I was looking up how to do a rag quilt and I found you - so glad I did! :)

  8. What a wonderful makeover! This makes me SO SORRY I did not keep the French Provincial china cabinet that went with my dining table and chairs!
    What great storage too.

    Small House / Big Sky Donna
    White Oak Studio Designs/Hand-Painted Vintage Furniture Transformations

  9. Really late to this party...but if it’s possible to adjust the shelves/add looks like you could add maybe two more shelves. HELLO MORE PRETTY FABRIC STASH!!!