Wednesday, September 28, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday {9.28.11}

In progress:The vintage sheet baby quilt top is pieced together. (Don't look too closely - HST are hard to line up perfectly!!) Good thing I'm not a uber-perfectionist :)
The Hunky Dory quilt is still waiting to be pinned, and no other new projects. It's been a light sewing week :)

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  1. omg, it's lovely. i heart quilts made from vintage sheets, just finished up one myself! (go check it out! hehehe) I'm following you now :D

  2. What a sweet, sweet quilt! Very beautiful!

  3. This is looking beautiful. No one should look closely at anything any of us do--no one's perfect! I'm glad to see you posted, even if it was a light sewing week.

    Elizabeth E!

  4. I think the bedsheet HST's are looking pretty darn perfect! Can't wait to see how you will quilt it.

  5. Love your vintage sheet baby quilt!

  6. I love your vintage baby quilt...the colors are fabulous...I can't see a problem with matching corners...of course, I didn't look too hard. Have a great day.