Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aqua Pop Garden Rag Quilt

For those of you who have been visiting this blog awhile, you might remember a certain red rag quilt I did a couple years ago...

Keeping in line with using up old scraps/leftovers, I had enough to make another baby-sized rag quilt, this time with aqua minky instead.

It's neat how just changing one element can transform the look of a quilt!

Size: approx. 35" x 40"
Fabrics: Pop Garden by Heather Bailey with aqua minky
Quilting: rag quilt with x-pattern & hand-snipped seams

Available in my Etsy shop.
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  1. I really should try this sort of quilt too, it looks so lovely and cute, perfect to cuddle, love your fabric choice

  2. Cuddly! My daughter loves making rag quilts.

  3. Never thought of putting minky on the back. Do you have a layer of minky in the middle as well? It is a lovely quilt.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs