Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things I love {4.30.2011}

Thought I'd start a new feature {things I love!} Please excuse the randomness :)

1. The smell of bacon frying, especially on a lazy weekend morning.

2. Lowe's 1-year guarantee on all plants. I have returned my fair share of pitiful, brown, totally dead plants only to bring home nice new greenery to adorn our home. The plants probably cower in fear when they see me walk into Lowe's.

3. The Editor pants at Express* This one gets an asterisk because I'm currently a perfect size 7. But wouldn't you know they only have these pants in even sizes?? Grrrr! The 6 is just a little snug in the bootay, but the 8 gaps at the waist. What's a girl to do?! Must. cut back. the chocolate.

4. Grocery shopping at the nice HEB. Not the ghetto one by our house with not-so-great produce selection and strange characters hanging out in the parking lot. I'm talking the huge, super-nice HEB with awesome produce, fresh tortillas, fancy meat and cheese counters, and wine area! And judging by how full the parking lot always is, I know I'm not alone on this one.

5. Agapanthus. No I did not just sneeze. Agapanthus is a flower we recently planted in our yard, and the blue-purple flowers are spectacular! (and no, we didn't get these at Lowe's lol!)
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