Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heaven just might be...

...twilight golf on a Michigan summer evening.

We're back from a week of slower small-town pace, golf, old friends, and reminiscing the days right-out-of-college.  You know, that period in life when you're finally making money, living on your own, but don't yet have much responsibility, and just generally excited about what the future may hold?  Ah freedom, those were the days!

Well, 8 years later is not so bad either!  Just not so many late party nights (ahem, zero).  And in our old age, I also discovered I have suffered some memory loss - I had forgotten about some of my hubby's shenanigans during our newlywed days when we lived there - must be selective memory on my part ;-)

We lucked out with the weather, and spent as much time as possible outside.  You just can't beat a summer in Michigan!  And check out this lovely view on our last evening on the golf course.

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