Saturday, January 7, 2012

My affair with Marshall...

Warning: this post is very random. Here's what got me started:
yes, a harmless area rug. Beautiful indeed, but has sparked a crazy love affair this week between me and Marshall. I've been to Marshalls at least 4 times this week (all different locations, since we have so many in H-town) looking for this rug's smaller brother. It started out innocent enough, but I'm getting a bit obsessed. I think I need an intervention.

But really, I searched online for a new area rug for our breakfast area (to replace the still-in-good-condition but too-dark-colors one we already had). But all the ones I found were $400 and up. So I was thrilled to find the above gem at Marshalls for half that! Then I got reminiscing about when we moved into our ridiculously-too-big-for-two-people house 4 years ago. Here's a picture of our breakfast area the day we moved in (complete with finger in the corner of the picture!):
And here's a picture of it today, complete with my love-child from Marshalls :)
Oh man, how I've missed decorating these last 2 years...

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  1. Love the windows & window treatments!! You've created a beautiful space! I am itching to start projects of my own.

  2. What a beautiful dining area-love it!! Following you from Tdc-stop on by for a visit!!