Saturday, July 9, 2011

Early warning signs for hoarding?

So I've been on a garage sale kick the last couple months. Today I made a pretty good haul:
a wooden tray, 2 picture frames, a copper strainer, and a big punch bowl...

... and a solid wood night stand...

... all for only $16. Not too shabby, eh? But as I was driving home with my treasures, I got to thinking about the show Hoarders. The stories are so unbelievably sad and I always wonder how the hoarding gets started. I mean, we all have junk drawers or that closet where we stash stuff before company comes over. But at what point do people start to cross over into problem-hoarding territory?

Does it start with a punch bowl and some photo frames?!? Hmmm... think I've just found the motivation to clean out my closets :)

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