Sunday, June 12, 2011

I heart Craiglist and a potential new hobby!

I have been known to buy and sell on Craiglist before. Sometimes I like to think of myself as the Craigslist Queen. Ha - not really, but I've had some good luck.

Here is just a sampling of the things we've sold on Craigslist over the years: various furniture, electronics, a car, a live oak tree, sports stuff, light fixtures, a pedestal sink, concert tickets, the list goes on...

Things we have purchased on Craigslist include: furniture, a car, a piano, a camera, you get the idea... So no surprise that when I'm looking for just the right piece, I will check out my favorite online classifieds.

This time I was looking for a sofa table. Something wooden, traditional-ish, long enough to work behind the couch, and something I hadn't seen before. That's when I found this antique beauty:

It was the perfect size, sturdy, and I loved the legs and drawer pulls. Normally I try to haggle on Craigslist, but I really wanted this piece and forked over the $100 asking price. But notice anything about the above picture? And no, I'm not talking about the mounds of dust and dog hair on the floor! What about all the brown? Hmmm, need to break up the brown and lighten the room. So I'm planning to refinish this piece something like this table (which was also a Craigslist find!):But wait - I've never refinished or repainted furniture before! What if I mess it up? I better do a practice run first. Enter Guinea Pig Chest of Drawers, a Craigslist purchase from Friday night:

I spent this morning sanding and priming... I'll let you know how it turns out :)

And did I mention, summer is in full swing - it was uber-hot today!!

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