Sunday, October 24, 2010

Worth a thousand words - need your opinion please!

What really makes you love a blanket? I mean, really love a blanket? For me, it's all about the texture, and the softer the better!! Next, I look at colors/patterns and whether I can throw it in the washing machine (without fear of ruining it).

So now the question: since we can't actually feel through the internet, what kind of pictures speak to you when shopping for baby items?
  • Pictures with baby "models"?
  • Light backgrounds? Dark backgrounds?
  • Specific "baby" theme? i.e. pink or blue or teddy bears or cradles, etc.
  • Creative artsy shots?
  • Simple photos showing the product only?
  • Something else entirely?
Disclaimer: I am by no means a photographer! But here are a few shots I've taken as examples... looking forward to hearing your opinions!!

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  1. Hi! I like all your photos! When I look at blankets and such, I look for ones with babies, because nothing sells more than a baby cuddled up in a blankie. The photo with the blanket on the chair looks really good, but it doesn't make me feel warm, probably because it's in the middle of nowehere! That's why I strive to get pictures of babies/kids in my own products as much as possible.. I also like your photo of the close-up folded up blanket. I'd buy it :)

  2. i actually like the pictures where the blankets are draped on kid sized furniture! if a blanket is stroller sized, it helps to see it draped in a stroller so i can see the proportions...or if it's a crib blanket, it helps to see it in a crib..i know, not very creative, but practical!

  3. I like the rolled up ones to show the options but I agree with a previous commenter that I like to see proportions so I can get a feel for how big it is!

    I'm pretty easy, I don't judge the photography too much, I'm more drawn to the fabric patterns.